Yoga vs Gym

Although both have same motive which is to keep us fit and strong, but difference is in execution. Both involve physical activity, the difference is in the way we perform them.

Yoga have poses or asanas  while  gym have weighted exercises and high intensity workout whereas Yoga is done without weight. Both have their own benefits and way of performing. You need a room full of machines, weights, barbell, dumbbells to perform gym workout, whereas to perform yoga all you need is a mat and open healthy environment, nothing else.

As I said above both have their own working way and benefits, let me explain you both yoga and gym in more depth.



The word yoga comes yuj, which means that to join. Yoga was developed almost 5000 years ago. Yoga or yog is a hindu practice, developed by hindu saints to keep themselves in meditation for a long period of time.

Yoga, ancient Indian way of exercising and to keep yourself healthy not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. It not only works on our body externally but also gives charisma to our body internally.

Yoga is the coming together of one’s soul with the universal consciousness or spirit. It is the path with enchantments of most beautiful voices. Yoga focus on both external and internal body, many people consider yoga as morning exercise where people stretch, twist and breathe in different and complex ways  but in actual it is more than that, it is actually the most superficial aspect of this profound science of unfolding the infinite potentials of the human mind and body.

Yoga is like ocean full of asanas or poses, And every asana has its own specialty and is full of  benfits.



Also known as gymnastics, a 3000 year old practice developed by English countries. you need a room or open place full with machines and weights to perform gym workout, it can’t be done without equipment.

It works on our external and internal body, our body goes through stress and high intensity during gym workout and burn  some calories, mostly it is done for shaping our body and it gives us internal strength.It takes a lot of time to achieve that physical goals, you are for.  Gym workout demands high quality and quantity additional nutrients, called supplements to achieve your fitness goals. Like yoga, gym also have a lot of exercises.

Let me explain the difference between gym and yoga in points for more understanding;

Let me explain the difference between gym and yoga in points for more understanding;

                YOGA                      GYM
1-      Yoga Purifies Your Soul, Body, Spirit.

2-      No Equipment Required.

3-      Safe And No Chances Of Injury.

4-      No Additional Nutrients or Supplements Required.

5-      Best Way To Lose Weight.

6-      Gives a Stress Free And Peace of Mind.

7-      Works on Each And Every Organ of Body.

8-      Need  Less Amount Of Energy.

9-      Yoga Practice is Almost Free as no Equipment Required.

10-  Increase Your Inner Strength, Gives Flexibility to our Body.

11-  Cures Many Diseases.

12-  A Yoga Body Is Always Lean, Mean and Flexible.




1-      Gym Only Makes You Strong.

2-      Machines And Weights Required.

3-      Chances Of Injury Is Very High.

4-      Additional Nutrients And Supplements Highly Needed.

5-      Best Way To Gain Weight.

6-      Put A lot Of Stress On Muscles.

7-      Works Only on Specific Bodys.

8-      Need High Amount of Energy.

9-      Gym Workout Cost You a Lot as you Have to Join Gym and buy supplements.

10-  Increase Your Inner Strength, Gives Attractive Shape to Our Body.

11-  Excessive Use of Supplements Gives You Many Diseases.

12-  A Gym Body is Always Muscular, Strong but Have no Flexibilty.


After reading all points mention above, I don’t think you have any doubt anymore in choosing what  you need to do to achieve your fitness goals.

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Thanks for reading this post , drop your comment below if I missed something so that I can correct my mistakes in next post.


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